Zeroing In On Security


Security breaches occur, whether you want to admit it or not.  It is a fact of life in our tech savvy world these days.  There is always someone who is smarter or thinks they are smarter than the next when it comes to programming and security.  There is no way to stop this completely, BUT what  a user can do is make it much harder and less appealing for such hackers to gain access.  Blackberry has long been known for its secure servers and systems, but what else can be done for some companies?  Well, BES has been a great start, now BES10 has taken giant leaps since its inception.  It even now can incorporate devices beyond Blackberry if the company allows it.  With BES10 now open beyond COBO (Corporate-Owned, Business-Only) it now has multiple uses within other options as COPE (Corporate Only, Personally Enabled) to a fully open BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) networks.

Obviously the COBO route is the MOST secure due to the limited user access to the functions of the device, but if a company has some serious security worries this IS the route.  Plus with this route it also protects the user from any wrongdoings also.  If the user has no access to it how can they compromise?  This system Blackberry has long been known to be the leader for also, including the entire package from device to servers.  What if this isn’t for your company though, what other services can you look for?? This is what Blackberry has been looking at with BES10 and has opened up in recent times to branch into the other COPE and BYOD markets.  So with BES10 branching into these “markets” what does this mean?

Well, the strictness of COBO isn’t for all companies.  Many users have become way too familiar with other platforms, and frankly, at this time certain apps that may be needed for certain functions are not quite there as of yet.  With allowing other platforms to be brought to the table within a companies program this opens the door for more companies to use BES10 and have access to the security that it provides.   Hospitals, banking companies etc. are examples of where this type of system may be of great value.  Companies of which have users of all ages, backgrounds, tech experience and comfort levels.  These areas are of which where personal information is critical, but not highly always sought after for a would be hacker in many cases.  This step not only would promote BES10 servers for the multi platform device aspect, but also would cut down on contract pricing since Blackberry is no longer supplying and/or renting devices for end to end use, another factor that would entice companies to come to or come back to Blackberry and BES10.

This could be a big marketplace for Blackberry as a company to regain some footing… or a few steps ahead as it may.  Most who really know how BES worked and BES10 is designed know its value, but many do not know of it and a step like this may just be what the Blackberry camp lead by John Chen needs at this time.  Business is a key factor, nothing new to Blackberry fans and enthusiasts, boosts like this can and most likely would help the company progress ahead in the personal market still where it has been said a focus still is.  The handset is not going to be leaving anytime soon, this could just be another opportunity to gain.


Miles @mopar_fxr