ZDNet Joins the Gathering Storm


Now perhaps it’s a bit early to say ZDNet is actually all in on BlackBerry, but they’re definitely dipping their toe in and testing the water. Matthew Miller wrote today “Six reasons to still consider a BlackBerry 10 smartphone”

Android phones are pushing specs to the limit and offer just about every application you could want. There are very few new Windows Phone devices in the US, but with Windows Phone 8.1 starting to appear we may see some new devices before the end of the year. There is still an app gap for many apps beyond just the most popular.

Apple’s new iPhone will perfect things that Android and Windows Phone have been doing for a couple of years and will again sell millions of new devices. After testing the Amazon Fire phone, it is clear to me that a BlackBerry 10 device is a better choice for most people, especially for those using their phone to get work done.

I love that! Pretty much nails what we BlackBerry fans have been saying since the release of the Z10 doesn’t it? Android is a spec whore. Windows Phone has, oh so much more growing to do. Apple is playing catch up. Very concise and true observations Matthew!

A quick run down of his 6 reasons:

  1. Hub
  2. Hardware build quality and design
  3.  Security
  4. Keyboard
  5. Android apps
  6. BBM

We know that list well don’t we? These are the same things I was having to argue were so worth it at a so-called BlackBerry fansite last year, and probably the same thing people are still arguing about over there now. Well, now Matthew over at ZDNet is saying the same thing. Public perception is changing, and that’s all we need. Don’t get me wrong, there are still trolling bloggers out there, but everyday their numbers dwindle, and we will welcome any that want to cross the line and admit that BlackBerry really the best smartphone platform available.

Source: ZDNet



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