Zacks Research Gives BlackBerry A Positive-Growth Rating

BlackBerry Gets A Positive-Growth Rating
Zacks Research gives BlackBerry a positive-growth rating.

Zacks Research has given BlackBerry a positive-growth rating, which they call a Growth Style Score (GSS), of B. That means they expect BlackBerry to grow.

The GSS analyzes the growth prospects and financials of a company by looking at many different factors, such as the company’s income statement and balance sheet. The final score is a letter between A and F, with A indicating that the stock has the best growth prospects. So the B that they gave BlackBerry is quite good. The short sellers are going to hate that. :-)

The timing of this is good too, when you consider investors are dumping Apple’s stock and looking to put their money in a stock that will grow.

Hopefully more financial companies will see the light and give BlackBerry and their shares the positive ratings they truly deserve.



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  • newcollector

    Nice to see that not all analysts are of the James Faucette strain. I have been hanging on to my BlackBerry Stock. I would love to see it rise to over 16!

  • Anthony

    Zacks Research answered the question “to B or not to B” locco_smiley_10

  • Robert

    Looks like people are starting to think for themselves. This is great.

  • DickLewis13

    Agree, BlackBerry will grow, naysayers will shut up soon.