Z30 vs Q10… Or The Best Team Up In Mobile History?

The mobile world seems to be constantly in search of perfection, and when found, those who adhere to that phone being perfection defend it with their dying breath.

We here at UTB will say the same thing about BlackBerry phones. Here at UTB however, WE ARE RIGHT!
With speculation coming out about the Windermere ‘Q30’ and the Classic Q (Phone formerly known as the Q20), the question amongst BlackBerry Acolytes is whether you will trade in your trusty Q/Z for one of these interesting little additions to the family. We’re talking better screen resolution, better battery, better handling of the BB10.

Smartphone glory

With the new OS introduced last year we were introduced to a new division between BlackBerry fans. Are you a PKB or VKB person?

We have in the line-up as it stands at present two phones which represent the pinnacle of that battle. I would postulate however that what those two phones represent is the pinnacle of mobile computing. Between the PKB Q10 and the VKB Z30 BlackBerry has in fact made the best Smartphone and the best BlackBerry on the market.


The Best Smartphone on the market today is the BlackBerry Z30.

It has everything that a Smartphone user could want. It has the best battery life, there is no denying this. It is a 5″ full touch capacitive screen which gives visual clarity to whatever job you need to do. It is a workhorse which can be used not only for communications, but also for data usage. With all of the BB10 OS features it is fully integrated for all your social media needs. We are all painfully aware that with 10.2.1 we no longer need to worry about having an app for that.

Using one of the various methods very plainly documented, you can download any android app you need. Lastly and most importantly, with the new paratek antenna, this phone is capable of connectivity in the densest of dark spots. This is the phone both Android and iOS users wish they had.


The Best BlackBerry on the market today is the BlackBerry Q10.

It has everything that BlackBerry has made great and continues to shine for the BlackBerry faithful. The great PKB is present and very reminiscent of the Bold Keyboard. With the new OS10, the trackpad is a thing of the past since all of our track pad needs are taken up on the 1:1 touch screen. Keyboard shortcuts still exist and are just as powerful as ever. Taken this with the feature mentioned above with the Z30 about OS 10.2.1, the software for this phone makes it the phone for BlackBerry users.

Why do I need to differentiate, surely the Z30 is the perfect package being BlackBerry and the best smartphone?

Why I say that the Z30 is not the best BlackBerry is because of the distinctly non-BlackBerry aspects.

The first is of course the removable battery. The Q10’s removable battery is a staple for the BlackBerry lover. The delight of being able to simply switch your battery on the go is part of what makes this phone distinctly BlackBerry. Some will say that the Z30 doesn’t need a removable battery because it goes so long.

At the end of the day when the battery has run down, regardless of how long it has lasted, you have no choice, but to plug it in to the charger. BlackBerry is all about choice.

The Best of the Best.
The Best of the Best.

The other aspect is of course the PKB.

Ask a BlackBerry die-hard about the experience of the Physical Keyboard. This has become a staple of the BlackBerry experience. I hear what people are saying about the speed of the virtual keyboard, but the missing tactile sensation of the physical keyboard is what BlackBerry fans refer to the most.
All this is to say that if you are looking for a smartphone, BlackBerry has you covered.

Between the Z30 and the Q10, you can have the best of the best. If you’re looking for a less feature packed phone to save a few dollars, there are the Q5 and the Z3. If you find five inches too much, there’s the Z10.

BlackBerry have come to dominate and for the consumer, this company has your needs met now and will continue to do so in the future. Smartphone lovers!

BlackBerry lovers!


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Chap has been a BlackBerry user since 2009 when he picked up his trusty new Torch 9800. Since then he has been about all things BlackBerry keeping tabs on the Australian market. As a hobby he also supports an Australian Aged Care organisation as their in-house spiritual practitioner.

  • Brad

    Awesome! And welcome to the team Chaplain! So what’s your pick?

    • Chaplain_Clancy

      It’s definitely the Q for me Brad. The beauty of BlackBerry is that if I feel like trying the Z for a little while, the Q is waiting for me when I want to come back.

  • Canuckvoip

    I’m betting on the Q for CC.
    Love the write up Chaplain! You have a great style.

  • veeru789

    Excellent post. BlackBerry is all about choice. high end, low end, PKB, VKB, they’ve got it all covered. For me personally though, its the Z30 that wins.

    Just wanted to add reg the tactile feedback, before BB10 I was on the 9900. I was a die hard PKB guy. Then the Z10 changed it all. Initially I thought I missed the tactile feedback. but once I turned on the sound on the VKB keyboard, I don’t miss it at all. And somehow, I find my self typing faster on a “BB10” VKB. Especially deleting words and sentences is a breeze. and it dynamically adjust to multiple languages. Flicking is something that can be done one handed which I now find it hard on the PKB. but that’s just me.

    once again, great post.


    • Chaplain_Clancy

      And that’s the beauty of it. You get to stay with BlackBerry and move into the generic smartphone arena.

  • Bigglybobblyboo

    Great post CC, and very true too.

    I’m with Veeru on this one, was VERY nervous when I got my Z10 as to how I would get on with a VKB but BlackBerry had my back.

    Now on a Z30 and got my hands on a Q10 a few weeks back. Man, that’s one gorgeous looking phone… but I kept swiping on it! Down for numbers and punctuation, across to delete a whole word… couldn’t do it.

    Yep, I’m a VKB convert alright. And yes, the best smartphone on the market right now is, undoubtedly, the BlackBerry Z30.

  • Awesome Chaplain! Two outstanding mobile devices. I love my Q10, it actually adds confidence to my approach to work! I know I’ll always have battery left (good battery life added to BB charger bundle), I can bang-out 1500 words on the PKB if I want, with relative ease (I have actually done this), it has a great speaker for conference calls, the call quality/reception is awesome (I know carrier affects this), I know all my data is secure/private, I have all my userdata from my PC stored on it, so I have all my work files, etc. etc.

    The only thing I miss is typing with one hand; I typically have the keyboard automations all set to off, so typing with one hand is better on the VKB with the auto features on.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that one of these two products IS THE best smartphone on the market and I can’t wait for Chen to begin some aggressive and clever marketing to get the word out.

    Great post Chaplain!

  • Bastakiatavich

    Nice post CC! For me it is the Z30’s screen size that wins. The vkb is a breeze to use and the all around feel of the phone is just llamazing quality.

  • newcollector

    Nice article, but now I feel like a motherless child, like a red-headed step-child. I don’t own a Q10 nor a Z30. I am a Z10 man. With that, however I have a device with a bright and clear lcd screen, an incredible virtual keyboard, removable battery (and the very necessary battery charger bundle), all the goodness of, easy one handed operation if needed, full touch screen, fits in a shirt pocket easy Peasy. I get good coverage (certainly better than my wife’s iPhone) even when I am out in the country).

    Now would I want a Q? Nope. I like the screen real estate of my Z10. Would I want a Z30? Yes, if it was fully functioning on my carrier, which in my area it is not. However, it looks like a great phone and would just like to have that monster battery power.

    • Bigglybobblyboo

      Look on the bright side newcollector, I might own a Z30 but I fell so deeply in love with my Z10 I just can’t let go. It sits all cleaned and fresh as disaster insurance!

    • newcollector- I totally agree on the Z10. I think it’s an awesome device with two advantages over the Z30; size/ease of use for one hand, and replaceable battery, which when you add the BB charger bundle, is really easy. I guess a 3rd might be the screen technology if you like that vs the Z30, which I go back and forth on.

    • Chaplain_Clancy

      This is why I added the last part about the options outside of the Q10 and the Z30. BlackBerry users have all of their options to maximise output. I’m sure when the new devices come out, the article could be ammended to either add the new devices as options, or to replace the Q10 or the Z30 at the top of the pile.

  • web99

    Great article, Chaplain. As you said, BlackBerry is all about choice! In terms of the survey, I’m with Biggly and veeru who prefer the vkb. I got my Z10 on February 5th last year and the first day when it became available in Canada. Before that I had the 9800 and was strictly a keyboard person. But the Z10 for me made me see the light! I totally loved the flicking, the way the virtual keyboard seemed to adjust to my fingers, etc. I have a Q10 as my work device, so I’m enjoying the best of both worlds.

  • newcollector

    Chaplain_Clancy, it is all about choice. The nice thing is no matter the choice, the user experience is excellent. A device may cost less, but you don’t get a watered down BB10 experience. There is something for everyone, physical keyboard or virtual, big screen or small, and the list goes on. I think the partnership is going to help BlackBerry sell high quality phones for less, something that has to help with promoting sales.