Z30 vs LG Nexus 5 – Mobile Madness – The Final


Man Alive!  Look at The State of It...
Man Alive! Look at The State of It…

Ok, listen up people.

It’s time to go a-voting again and the good folk at MM have, yet again, failed to add any decent blurb about the Z30 (the LG is, of course, the Android connoisseurs phone – dear Lord) and they point out that the Z30 last time got lot’s of votes because:

‘The BlackBerry Z30 received quite a number of votes from fans all over the Internet, with tweets, shares, forum posts to help bring out all the BlackBerry fans to garner its finals status.’

Did it?


At the time of writing the comments section and the ability to see where the vote is up to seem to not be working. Let’s hope that’s a GLITCH (you know what I mean…!)

So, fancy voting for the best smartphone in the world right now vs a very good one running an OS from 2011?

Vote For The Z30 Here

Oh, and the SPECS are on full display. Very important when comparing Android phones.

Unfortunately, we don’t have one of those, ours is running a modern OS so any comparison on that score is utterly irrelevant as I explained here: Go On… Take Off Your (Google) Glasses


Still, whatever floats your Android boat, I guess.

And let’s hope the results and comments section are back operative soon. I mean, no one would want to feel cheated by the result, right?

Win or lose, fair and square is how it should be.

Let’s hope there’s no reason for Mobile Madness to feel #BlackBerryUnleashed…


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