Z30 Upgrade Promo For India!

Z30 Upgrade Promo For India
Z30 Upgrade Promo for India


Looks like things are getting even better for BlackBerry fans in India; not only is the Z3 going to be available on June 25th but BlackBerry just announced a Z30 upgrade promotion for the great price of Rs 29,990 (approximately $498 US).

According to bbin, customers can upgrade to a Z30 for Rs 29,990 after a minimum cash back of Rs 5,000 (approximately $83 US) in exchange for a working smartphone.  The offer begins today and is valid for 60 days.

So, it looks like decision time for our friends in India; Z3, or Z30?  Why not pick up one of each :)

Source: bbin

  • veeru789

    Excellent price for Z30. Can’t get better.

  • newcollector

    That’s a great price. I wish my carrier in the states would offer something like that. I would trade in my old 9810 for the Z30. Then I could rock both the Z10 and the Z30 (and maybe convince one in my iFamily to switch to Black!)

  • I’m starting to get jealous of all these emerging markets with their fancy new phones and clever marketing!!! :P

    Can’t wait until Chen takes direct aim at the US market and premium handset sales. It’s only a matter of time…

  • dreamgreed

    That’s just 2 dollars cheaper than what we can get in canada or the states lol! I was hoping to pick another z30 up for 300 dollars or so to gift a friend

    • veeru789

      Actually it’s very good price. Especially after the recent dollar correction against the rupee and also factoring in local taxes.