Z10, Z30… Hang On… Z20???

Jaw Dropping

In amongst all the Passport excitement sneaks a little tidbit that there will be a THIRD BB10 device by the end of the year – and it might not be quite what you expected.

Over at BlackBerry Empire they’ve gt hold of an internal carrier email which states that not only will the Z20 be appearing at the end of the year but that BlackBerry have notified Telus that they are no longer producing the Z10 and Q10 as those models are being replaced by the Z20/Classic.

Telus are then reported to have healthy inventory of both phones to run down which, the email says, at current consumption volumes will see them through to the launches of both – if you are a Telus customer there’s every chance there’ll be bargains to be had galore as we get nearer the launch dates of the new phones.

So, should this information be correct we’ll have a new Z10 on our hands shortly and it doesn’t appear to be the Z3 – now that is a surprise!

If you want to read the email in full, head on over to BlackBerry Empire

Now, here’s a thought.

If you had a Z10 with the performance of a Z30 how tempting would THAT be?

And, what if you were an iPhonian who didn’t like the size of the iPhone 6 and now had no upgrade path?

Only one way to go…!



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