Z10 and the future

Happy New Year from me UTB readers!

With BlackBerry’s decision to have devices released this year running Android, with the aim to make the hardware division profitable and able to justify both Android and BB10 devices in the future, some discussion around the group has been taking place regarding software development for this year.  With BlackBerry working on 10.3.3 as we speak and 10.3.4 being slated for later this year, a question was asked about the Z10 and whether all devices would be able to support the upgrade.

Source: http://ca.blackberry.com/company/newsroom/media-gallery.html

It’s been 4 years since the Z10 was released and she is still receiving support by way of the latest OS upgrades.  Knowing that eventually the Z10’s hardware will be unable to keep up with the software development, we wondered at what point the Z10 would struggle under BB10 and was BlackBerry willing to call EOL on updates for the device in order for people to still have a fast and stable handset while they contemplated upgrading.

In this, I got to thinking about how many people still used the Z10 as not only a daily driver, but as their sole device and how many people might be hanging off getting a new BB10 phone because their Z10 is still being supported.  So Z10 owners, I put the question to you.  Is the Z10 your only device?  If not is it your daily driver?  If so, have you noticed it starting to struggle under 10.3.2?  If not, how much longer do you think it will last?  Answer the poll and comment below.  You can also take to the forums for more robust discussion on the subject.  Just make note that due to the nature of this poll you can make up to three choices.


Chap has been a BlackBerry user since 2009 when he picked up his trusty new Torch 9800. Since then he has been about all things BlackBerry keeping tabs on the Australian market. As a hobby he also supports an Australian Aged Care organisation as their in-house spiritual practitioner.