You’ve Just Crossed Over Into the Twilight Zone.


It’s happened. William Shatner is seeing gremlins on the airplane wing. A small child is wishing adults to the corn field years before he gets lost in space.  And for those of you who didn’t grow up watching Rod Serling’s masterpiece, let me put it this way, swine have sprouted wings and are flying over snowdrifts in Hell. The world has been turned upside down, and the BlackBerry Passport is to blame. It has changed reality. We will have to see what new reality we are living after the phone is released. But for now, we are seeing the ripples. Absolutely huge ripples in the world around us. Next stop, the Twilight Zone…

For most BlackBerry users, there is one site that makes us grit our teeth when we accidently read something from there. That site is BGR. And as unlikeable as Boy Genius himself is, there’s another writer there that has certainly garnered a lot of teeth grinding from me. Brad Reed, writer of BGR, and huge basher of BlackBerry. Every time I read one of his articles, I wonder two things, first, how did BlackBerry hurt him so? That now he has such a hatred for them. And second, why are Brad’s always such jerks. It just makes no sense.

Well boys and girls, yesterday Brad Reed wrote about BlackBerry again. He wrote about the BlackBerry Passport, or more specifically, the Passport’s keyboard. Now, are you ready to be shocked? He didn’t bash BlackBerry. He didn’t call it an dying company, he didn’t call it a last effort, he didn’t even stupidly say BlackBerry was about to run out of it’s nine lives. No, he actually talked about what the keyboard would do. And, of course, we already know how it will work, that’s not the interesting part of the article. The interesting part was, well, I’ll let you read it.

 For most smartphone users, the promise of controlling a smartphone without having to use the touchscreen sounds a bit like being sold a knife whose chief feature is that it will let us chop food without using the blade. However, the BlackBerry Passport wasn’t designed for iSheep and Fandroids who want to play Candy Crush all day — it’s for people who want to do real work, and that means having a physical keyboard that can fire off emails like no other phone.

Yes. That just happened. Brad Reed of BGR infamy, wrote an article about BlackBerry, at BGR, and called iPhone ad Android users, iSheep and Fandroids. My head is spinning.

And the positive thoughts towards the Passport didn’t stop there. In typical BGR fashion, there seems to be smarter commentary in the comments than on the main page. Plenty of trollsof course, but some ProBlackBerry comments as well.

45THS: I really miss my old BlackBerry. I thought I’d get used to virtual keyboards and even with Swype and others I constantly get annoyed with them. I REALLY miss the keyboard on my old Bold phone. This new phone is a step in the right direction and I hope it pans out. We need more options than just iPhone and Android.

S-Crap: The Passport is truly a game changer. BlackBerry and CEO Chen have a winner.

HDLuffy: thing is computer monitors are wide….i never understood the reason we made LONG TALL PHONES. So annoying to do anything on it. The passport in this regard is a god sent for emails/browsing. I can’t wait!!! I’m a ecom manager so i’m willing to pay anything for this. I manage over 20 companies emails daily.

My personal favorite,

Derek Crawley: This site is made by middle schoolers who just love any iShiny thing

And the regular users here, oh they are such a pain, they hate anything not iRelated and praise apple for their “innovation”

Yes, the BlackBerry has changed some things, that’s for certain. Could it be that it’s enough of a change to convince Other Brad to change his opinion on BlackBerry? Or could it be that BGR is realizing BlackBerry under John Chen isn’t going anywhere and that it’s time to make a business decision to stop offending users of this future rising brand? Or was Other Brad just out of his mind when he wrote this? Who knows? But it was enough to make me take a cartoon double-take when I read it!

Source: BGR


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