You’ve Got To Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive

Thanks Bing!

More than just a musical score by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer, or an inspired sermon by Religious Cult figure Father Divine, this phrase must be the underlying current for BlackBerry users today.  Just as it is for BlackBerry engineers.

Earlier today we ran a story about BlackBerry’s Facebook App update.  Since the beginning of BB10, BlackBerry have endeavoured to bring certain big name apps to the platform.  Throughout that time, Facebook has been at best indifferent to the platform.  Due to this indifference, BlackBerry sought to build their own Facebook app with Facebook’s API’s  Now that those API’s have been removed from the platform, BlackBerry have been forced to reduce their app to being a web launcher.  This decision seemed to cause consternation with some BlackBerry reporting sites.  So much so that they have directed their readers to be disappointed with the outcome.  What this decision has shown is that BlackBerry is dedicated to providing users with solutions to their needs and that the Facebook web experience cannot be beaten by a simple app.

This leads to a bigger issue.  When sites reporting on BlackBerry direct their readers to feel a certain way about the direction of the company, they are indicating that their readers are more important than the company they are reporting on.  This methodology will directly impact sales in a negative manner.  Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!  We here at UTB believe in the direction BlackBerry is taking.  We believe that BB10 is the future and that BlackBerry’s future as a software solutions company is secure.  Our articles report the great work BlackBerry is doing to achieve the future of mobile enterprise.  The outcomes of which flow on to the general consumer.  We believe that BlackBerry’s move into Android directly reflects their cross-platform policy and desire to make the mobile communications arena a better place for all users.

When you read that you must be disappointed in BlackBerry’s decisions, your ability to think and evaluate is being taken away from you.  Those articles are taking the freedom to judge for yourself out of your hands.  We report what is actually going on, the positive things which BlackBerry are achieving and allow you to make up your own minds.  So if you want to be informed but not conformed, read on and stick with us.  Engage with us in the forums.  Take charge of your own decision making.  Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative and don’t mess with BlackBerry sites who think they stand in-between.


Chap has been a BlackBerry user since 2009 when he picked up his trusty new Torch 9800. Since then he has been about all things BlackBerry keeping tabs on the Australian market. As a hobby he also supports an Australian Aged Care organisation as their in-house spiritual practitioner.