YouTube Will Launch New “Story” Mode Called Reels

If you are Social media geek, you probably know that the most popular feature around is “Stories”. Started with Snapchat, and then to Facebook and Instagram, Stories mode become favorite for those who wanted to upload moment for just 24 hours.

Now Google wants to add the feature, and they thought how they can make it different from its competitors. So they will launch “Reels” and it will be available for YouTube users who upload videos. The new feature is in Beta test mode in the Creators mode.

Reels will allow YouTubers to upload short videos – 30 seconds long, and add stickers and more. YouTube will not limit the videos for 24 hours after they claim that users ask them to keep videos for longer time. For now only YouTube accounts with more then 10,000 subscribers can use the new feature and its matter of time it will be available for more users.

Product Manager in YouTube, Roei Livne said:

“Reels, available to creators in a beta-test mode, lets users post videos of up to 30 seconds long. But a big difference between Snapchat Stories and other copycat implementations (like Instagram Stories) is that YouTube’s Reels won’t necessarily disappear after 24 hours: According to Livne, creators told YouTube that they didn’t want the videos to expire, “so we’ll give you those options.”

What do you think about YouTube new feature ?


Roy Shpitalnik

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