YouTube to be Slightly Less Frustrating

How many videos do you skip because of annoying ads?

YouTube is huge. I get it. There’s really no other site out there that offers what YouTube does, at least not in this massive of a scale. Even those that try to escape anything Google still use YouTube (yeah, I’m talking about you Dave). But watching videos on YouTube has become increasingly frustrating.

Advertising. So much advertising. I get it. You just can’t have a service that large without monetization. The fact that content creators get paid through the advertisements ensure that I’ll actually click an ad on a video that I like, just to help that YouTuber out. But there comes a point, where advertising will make me skip a video altogether. There are two triggers for me that will make me say bye-bye video.

The first trigger is multiple ads in the video. These are placed by the YouTuber and are their method of trying to make more money. If it is a long video, I get it. I understand more went into it and they deserve the extra advertisements, but be sensible about it! An advertisement every 10 minutes is just too much, and I’ll surely stop the video if I run in to that.

The second trigger are unskippable ads. Most of the ads I run across on YouTube videos you can skip after 5 seconds. Or perhaps they’re really small advertisements that you can’t skip, but come on, they’re only 10 seconds or so. I have no problem with these. What I do have a problem with are large, unskippable ads. I will just skip the video.

YouTube is planning to help the viewer out with this issue next year. The day of the 30 second unskippable ad is over, their lives are forfeit. That’s a great thing for this viewer. I won’t be sorry to see them gone. Although, I wish they would have decreased the time on their limit, because I could easily see advertisers simply editing down to 25 second unskippable ads, and that’s just not ok.

Come on YouTube! Can I hear about an end to 15 second and larger unskippable ads? Your frustrated viewers will thank you.



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