YouTube Pulls Ad with Oldest Joke on the Net

There are some really sensitive newbs on the internet.

You remember the joke, I believe the first time I saw it was as a maze game. A very simple maze, and when you got to the end, your computer would scream at you and an image of the face of Regan from the Exorcist at the height of her possession would pop up on your screen. A classic jump scare. Since then, the joke has been used extensively. In videos, in GIFS, in games. You name it, it’s there.

This meme has become a basic staple of the internet. Something that has outlived other contemporaries. Who would have imagined Regan would outlive the dancing baby? Well, it did. Now don’t you feel foolish.

The upcoming horror flick, The Nun, played up this meme in it’s own fashion in an advertisement used on YouTube. For about 5 seconds, users watched as the very familiar volume icon was adjusted, only to have not Regan’s, but the Nun’s face pop up on screen with a roar. Personally, I think it’s a witty internet ad. Calling back to one of the longest lasting and most basic jokes on the internet, where this advertisement lives. Well, lived, until YouTube removed it.

The advertisement was removed after many sensitive users complained on Twitter and Reddit about the advertisement. As for YouTube’s response? They seemed shocked. And stated that the ad violated their “shocking content policy”. Odd. Seems like someone from YouTube would have noticed that before allowing the advertisement.

This is why we can’t have nice things anymore.

If you’re not the sensitive sort, and want to see the ad, hit play below. Want to know more about the movie? You can see the first trailer here.


Source: The Washington Post


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