YouTube Music to Replace Google Music

Google is making the move for new devices.

Google has announced that YouTube Music will be the new default music player on new Android phones running Android 9 and 10.

Google Play Music has always been a lacklustre experience. YouTube Music was the obvious way forward. But YouTube has been at the heart of much controversy lately. From politically targeting and banning long standing accounts, to removing the verification badge from hundreds if not thousands of prominent YouTubers. This may not be the most opportune time for Google to place YouTube Music at the forefront of Android.

Further, how many users will want to use a music player that requires a premium membership to listen to music with the phone’s screen off?

Users that don’t currently have YouTube Music installed on their phones can head to the Google Play Store and download now. However, a much better option would be to find a better third party music player while they’re there.

What app do you use to listen to music on your Android phone?


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