YouTube Incognito Mode Rolling Out to Users Now

Watch your videos in private… kind of.

YouTube is now rolling out an update to users that brings an Incognito Mode to your viewing. While this mode is typically indicative of private browsing, I would be a little hesitant to believe that is truly the case here.

If the new mode is already available to you, simply hit your avatar when signed into the YouTube app, and press “Turn on Incognito”. You are presented with a box that informs you that your activity from the session will be cleared when you return back to your regular browsing. It also informs you that “Your activity might still be visible to your employer, school or internet service provider”. This of course makes sense if the data is going through their data connection.

What Incognito does is wipes your history from that session. Option like Subscriptions and Inbox will not be available to you. As YouTube is a very important aspect of Google’s core advertising business, and targeted advertising is imperative to that business, I have a hard time believing a user would be truly incognito to Google. While I haven’t tested it yet other than to turn it on, I’d assume that the same targeted advertising would reach my account.

Instead of as a privacy method, I see this as more of a convenience. If I suddenly have the urge to watch a 80’s pop music video, and don’t want to spend the next three months hoping that the 80’s pop music videos will disappear from my suggested videos, I’ll use incognito mode. After all, why would I want to lose the suggested polished tinfoil ball videos that are already there?

Source: Techspot


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