YouTube Brings Variable Speed Playback on Mobile

Watch what you watch faster!

I listen to a lot of podcasts. I listen to a lot more podcasts during the week than I actually have time to listen to. The reason I’m able to do this is because I listen to podcasts on a certain app, Pocket Casts. Pocket Casts is a premium app, that brings along many useful features. But the feature that made this a must have for me, was variable speed playback.

With variable speed playback I can listen to podcasts faster or slower than normal. I typically listen at a speed of 1.5x normal speed. And through the wonders of modern technology, the voices do not sound like chipmunks, the just speak faster, and I can consume my content faster.

YouTube has offered variable speed playback on it’s desktop version for some time, and now they’re bringing it to mobile. The option is now rolling out to all users of YouTube’s Android and iOS apps. In order to use the feature, when watching a video, click three dot menu in the upper right hand corner of the video, and choose “Playback Speed”. You’re then presented with choices to play the video back.

Think about it, want to watch the UTB Blogcast but just don’t have the time to watch the whole thing? Just speed us up, and enjoy the whole show, in much less time.



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