You’re uh…wearing it wrong.


Wrist burns caused by the Apple Watch have been popping up on social media.

One victim, Annie Hoang, claims she had been on a road trip in with her family for about seven hours when her watch overheated and caused burns on her skin. She immediately touched the device which was warm. Her complaints to the Apple store first went ignored but after two more attempts the manager gave her money back and sent the unit for testing. The result?

Two days later, they came back with the diagnosis that she was wearing it too tight or that she had skin irritation. Having worn it for three months without issue, this was not an acceptable result for Annie.

Annie is not the only one to have experienced overheating issues with the magical timepiece. Other reports are viewed on Fusion.

An hour into her regular workout routine, Paula Cerutti says she started to feel a strange burning sensation. It seemed to be emanating from her wrist, on which she wore a brand-new, $349 Apple Watch Sport. Figuring it was just too tight after an hour of yoga and running, she loosened the band.

Later that night, Cerutti told Fusion she arrived home to find bubbling blisters in the same spot where she had felt the sensation on her wrist. The watch felt hot.

So how about that watch? Tells you the time, keeps your wrist warm. What more could you ask for from the world’s leading tech giant?


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