Your thoughts on Facebook?


This past week Mark’s Menlo Park Marauders have been getting a boatload of press – and very little of it positive. To demonstrate how bad it is in the U.S. we actually have both sides of the political spectrum finally agreeing on one thing, this is an outrage, how could it happen and what must be done to prevent it from happening again?

To summarize Cambridge Analytica allegedly stole the names and data of ~50,000,000 Facebook users. They even approached WikiLeaks requesting access to hacked emails!

So they appear dead to rights guilty, although they are due their day in court. Politicians will most likely focus on the typical – who knew what and when? This is important because the activity at Cambridge Analytica didn’t just occur – it was going on over 2 years ago.

Politicians are screaming for Mark Zuckerberg to appear and face questioning to discern the basics – was Facebook aware that their user data had been stolen? How it was used is bad enough – but that may be more of a red-herring and a question for Cambridge Analytica when they get their day in court. If Facebook didn’t know why not? Isn’t it their job to protect user data whether it was hacked or not (in this case it was not hacked)? If they did know why wasn’t the public or affected users notified? Will they owe restitution? And most importantly what steps have been put in place to ensure this won’t happen again?

So let’s make this tragedy of errors a little more interactive!


If you could sent Facebook a message what you you say?


If you were a politician on Capital Hill, what question would you ask ‘The Zuck’ (assuming he actually appears instead of a gaggle of attorneys)?




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