You Picked Your Favorite Berry!



The final round consisted of the BlackBerry Z10, the BlackBerry Z30, the BlackBerry Leap, and the BlackBerry Passport, and there was a clear winner.

Coming in with 59% of the votes, the Passport is our favorite Berry. In a distant second place, the Z30 carried 25% of the vote, followed by the Z10 with 10%, and the way too underrated Leap with 5% of the vote.

The BlackBerry Passport may just go down in history as one of the most innovative products of this decade. When the market was flooded with slab phones who’s key differentiators were the curvature of their corners, the Passport rolled in with an entirely knew form factor. The square screen we had seen before in other qwerty devices, but never at such a grand size. It was soon discovered by users that Work Wide was much more than just a marketing slogan. Even the physical keyboard which BlackBerry is known for was updated in some fairly drastic ways. Most users found the three row keyboard to be quite awkward at first site, however, we soon found that even this was so well thought out that while we lost a row, we gained speed and accuracy. Capacitive screens became pass√© once BlackBerry users got their thumbs on the capacitive physical keyboard.

Coupled with the greatest mobile OS on the planet, BlackBerry users knew that the BlackBerry Passport was heads and shoulders above any other phone on the market.

Nearly two years after the introduction of the Passport, it’s still the best of the best!



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  • shaun

    No surprise, the Passport SE is a classy bird. BB10 and the Passport keeps me from moving to other platforms, the Passport along with the Z38 beat the latest slabs the others churn out. I’m a consumer that Blackberry made me more productive. The Passport is a class act that others fail at

  • shaun

    Oops ment the Z30

  • Alan

    The Passport SE is so great I have no desire nor do I feel any inclination to move on to something else (this fact will save me money) :) I did however consider the Priv, but could not, and would not seriously leave the best operating system (BB10) for an Android. I’m hoping BlackBerry will stick around in the hardware business. Long live BlackBerry.


    Told ya so!

  • Speedie20

    So eloquently and succinctly expressed Brad! The Passport with BB10 is indeed an awesome and innovative smart phone in the BlackBerry mobile hand set repertoire! May BlackBerry indeed remain in the handset innovation and production business for a long time to come! Nice to be on the winning side and a satisfied Passport user! :)
    Cheers, Speedie20

  • fergfour

    If only more people knew what they were missing. Plus there a color choices! The SE turns heads. I’ve had people ask about it, or want to hold it. I love their expression when I show them they don’t have to put heir greasy hands on the screen to navigate/scroll.

  • fergfour

    Couple of typos there, I need to start using the swipe up more..

  • One to rule them all…@BlackBerry the #Passport SE

  • Clearly an incredible device. Would most definitely try one if Verizon wasn’t such a jerk.

  • The Passport and Passport SE is the most innovative smart phone ever released to date. But I choose the Z30 for one of the best BBRY’s. Though I would have chosen a Z50 or Z70. Its a great shame we have a CEO that has no clue on how to sell phones. Leaving all Z10 and Z30 out in the dust was a BAD Business Decision. And yes we are still waiting for a all touch BB10 Z10 and Z30 replacement. With min Passport specs.