You Might Wish to Hold off on Installing Instagrammy


Yesterday we told you about an exciting new Instagram client called Instagrammy. Initial reports were that this was a very fast app and it seems many were excited about it. There has been some new developments today that would lead us to suggest you hold off on downloading.

Over at our friend Quen Quen’s BBM Channel, it was noticed that the app adds two more accounts for the user to follow. It is also, according to reports, adding likes from the user, presumably to those two accounts. All without user permission.


Quen Quen followed up with the developer and was informed that, as this was a free app, the developer was trying to promote their own social media. It was a mistake, but we all know mistakes happen.

We are being told that the app will be removed from BBW shortly and an updated app is on the way to correct those two issues.


All in all, it was a very quick turn of events! Reported by Valery on Quen’s channel, Quen contacted the developer, and the developer quickly replied with a promise for a fix. That’s the kind of quick action we like to see in the BlackBerry community.


You can find Quen Quen on BBM Channels, PIN C003F4889


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  • SipoKapumba

    Deleted. So much for free apps. I don’t even use Instagram much.

  • Great app, just needs some fixing for better use. Glad I could help with that information. Thanks for sharing.

  • nemoryoliver

    I have solid evidence that this is a modified Inst10 Source code. I have already reported the dev.