YORICAP: All-in-one medical monitoring



I’ve previously written about crowdfunding campaigns and this latest one really caught my attention!

The Yoricap™ is a revolutionary all-in-one device that has been developed to increase the effectiveness and convenience of remote patient management and monitoring. The funding is run through Indiegogo. The Yoricap is intended to help people manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol which account for a majority of the healthcare dollars spent (~$564Billion/yr in the US¹). Unlike Apple’s Healthkit, these folks are serious- this device will eventually be submitted to regulatory authorities (FDA for the US & CE Marking for Europe, Canada, and Asia) for review and approval.  The manufacturer, Yoritex, chose BlackBerry for their main platform as-

security is very important when your personal medical data is collecting and transmitting to the nominated MD or health professional.

BBM is the World’s Most Advanced mobile security connection.

BlackBerry Messenger and BES12 is the best solution for your specific needs and available for BlackBerry and Android phones devices.


I’m seriously considering backing this project as I was recently diagnosed with hypertension. As one commentator stated, “Daily monitoring of Personal Health has the proven benefit of reducing the number of emergency room visits, reducing healthcare costs.” This statement has been proven in numerous studies- patients with chronic diseases have fewer complications and less costs due to active involvement in monitoring their disease.²

So if you’re serious about mobile healthcare (mHealth), why not go with a company that’s serious about the security of your data. NanthHealth did, as did Mackenzie HealthCarePartners, and Grand River Hospital, just to name a few.


¹ cdc.gov


² aafp.org




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  • Blackjack

    This is nice: “Yoricap™ is an accessory of smartphone and provides secure collection and an option to transmit health data such as blood pressure, pulse oximeter, blood test (glucose levels, uric acid, total cholesterol), ECG, heart rate monitor and much more.”

    All in one personal health monitoring, FDA regulated so it will be accurate, and a secure transmission to your doctor via BBM!


    I would prefer McCoy’s ‘Tricorder’ of course and am sure that it will use only BlackBerry BB10 technology. But in the mean time this is pretty darned ‘fascinating’. V V/

  • Anthony

    You don’t want your “real” medical information going public. Certain businesses would love to get this kind of information…to your detriment! locco_smiley_39