Yet Another Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple

Apple’s success is due in no small part to customer loyalty. Isn’t it strange how many class action lawsuits are filed against Apple by those loyal customers?

Apple has managed to upset yet another group of customers. In this case, it is some of their most loyal customers, those that have signed up for the iPhone Upgrade Program.

The iPhone Upgrade Program allows users to get a new iPhone every year. The user pays a monthly payment, from $32.41-$45.75 a month, depending on device, for the service.

Unfortunately, some of those that pay that price to be able to grab a new iPhone when they feel the time is right, discovered they weren’t able to pre-order the iPhone 7 at the right time. Instead, when they went to make that order, they were told to “check back” later.

Emil Frank of Brooklyn, NY is the lead plaintiff in the class action complaint. The complaint reads that members of the iPhone Upgrade Program are not being allowed to order the new iPhone, yet “in the meantime, they will continue to be required to make monthly payments on their older iPhones, and their eligibility for future iPhones will be delayed.” A monetary amount was not requested in the suit, instead the complaint calls for “all damages sustained as a result of defendant’s wrongdoing, in an amount to be proven at trial.”

For a company that depends on repeat business, Apple certainly seems to miss out on the concept of customer service.





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