Yet Again, Simple Code Crashes iOS and macOS.

How many times a year do we hear about a line of code causing Apple products to crash?

Here’s another little trick to play on your Apple using friends. Some new code that will crash not just their iPhones, but also their Macs. If it seems odd to you that something like this could happen, then you haven’t been keeping an eye on the news, because it seems every few months a new glitch like this will occur for Apple.

This time, the glitch was discovered by software engineer Sabri Haddouche. Clicking on one link will cause an iPhone to crash, as shown in the following video he tweeted out. The link he used can be found here.

“The attack uses a weakness in the -webkit-backdrop-filter CSS property, which uses 3D acceleration to process elements behind them,” Haddouche told ZDNet.

While Haddouche has published the link for iOS, he is refraining from publishing the link that affects macOS. That method requires a modified version containing JavaScript, and carries with it persistence as once the Mac reboots, the browser launches again, forcing yet another reboot. As one iOS developer explained, Apple forces all browsers and HTML capable apps to utilize the Apple WebKit rendering engine. This means that this glitch could also affect any number of applications besides just the Safari browser.

While Apple is very proud of their expensive products in new colors, I wish they would simply work on making products that would actually work, and not fall prey to simple lines of code that will crash them simply by clicking a link.


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