Yet Again, BlackBerry Can Do Something Apple Can’t!

Hello there my fellow BlackBerians, how are we all feeling today?

As you may have noticed I’ve been a little absent from the isles of the United Temple of BlackBerry lately, one reason would be that Mrs Grim has been told she has diabeties.

This came as a bit of a shock as you can imagine especially as its a rapid form, three months ago everything was all OK then the results came back at +30… a normal reading is around +5 and a diabetic usually is around +7 to +10 which is pretty bad!

Anyway, she was given a blood/glucose reader to check her sugar levels, nothing unusual there. Until I was setting it up and saw… wait for it… the BlackBerry World logo in the manual!

I was overjoyed! Not that Mrs Grim had diabeties obviously, but that BlackBerry were included somehow… Well, I guess with all the medical stuff going on at the moment I shouldn’t be surprised now should I?

I did what I had to do, I read up on it all.


Can you see that? That’s right, NFC!

Why? Simple, as clever as this thing is (and it is!) It can only hold up to 730 test results with markers, dates and times, If you think that you need to test before and after food three times a day it will only hold up to 3 months or so of results but you can send the data to your mobile and/or PC and keep these records longer…

But if you have a BlackBerry…

NFC (Near Field Communication) is an innovative data-transmission system that makes it possible to transfer
the blood glucose results of your GlucoMen® areo onto a smartphone and tablet simply… by bringing them
close together!

Downloading your blood sugar data onto your smartphone and tablet with the NFC system is quick and easy!
Once you have installed the dedicated A. Menarini Diagnostics app you will be able to:

GlucoLog Lite App - Menarini Diagnostics

Instantly view the graphs and statistics of your blood sugar data with the GlucoLog® Lite app
and send them by email to your physician or a person of your trust.

GlucoLog Mobile - app - Menarini Diagnostics

Send and share your results in real time by text message with the GlucoLog® Mobile app.

then you can NFC it to your phone with a simple tap of the two together for storage to the app AND at set times or if there is an abnormal reading the app will SMS your carer the results of the last 5 tests so that they know you are ok.

Apple users, you have to go out and buy a Bluetooth device to attatch to the meter so that you can do all this because, well, lets face it, your still trying to get yourselves out of 2012!

This sort of thing, once again, just goes to show that the ‘App Gap’ is just a joke, I can still hear the sheeple saying “Yeah but we’ve got 1000’s more apps than you” Hmm, But do I want 400 variations of the same fart app on an out of date phone with major security issues and obvious flaws like no signal, bad wifi pick up, an OS that needs to be updated every few weeks to fix the last updates flaws or do I want a Phone that can help me, or in this case my wife, look after her health and warn me and send an email to the doctor of all the blood sugar results up to date, no security issues and an OS that comes on leaps and bounds at every update? Not to mention handsets that are innovative and, at the end of the day, still have some battery life!

If you are reading this and own anything other than a BlackBerry just ask yourself…

Am I worth more than this?

The answer is ‘YES’ you are worth more than that inferior piece of tech in your hand, so is your health and so is your privacy, can you trust an Android or Apple device to send medical detail safely?

So, quite simply, the only answer is BlackBerry!

Reverend Grim

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