Yes, They Really Believe Their Phone is Secure


I was just sent a post about a topic that I’ve thought about a lot recently. Basically, how secure is too secure? With the recent news that Pakistan may or may not be shutting down BES within it’s borders, it did make me pause a moment and think about it. Really, how secure is too secure? We all want secure communications, we do not want Big Brother listening to everything we say or do. But do I want Terrorist Number One and Terrorist Number Two to be found out before they commit their diabolical scheme? Of course I do.

Well this is a topic that could be discussed at length, and this isn’t the post we will be discussing it in. It’s Saturday, and I’d much prefer something fun. But if anyone would like to talk about it, I started a forum thread here, come chat with us.

So on to the fun. Apple Insider did a post, “Apple could be held liable for supporting terrorism with strong iOS encryption, experts theorize”  The title pretty much speaks for itself. And here’s the comedy. Secure communications and the risks that they may or may not add in today’s day and age, is a serious topic, and a topic that the iPhone really has no business being discussed in. Apparently Apple Insider, even though they are an Apple centric blog, has chosen to forget just how not secure the iPhone is. They seem to have forgotten about Dropout Jeep. They seem to have ignored the fact that the iPhone has more vulnerabilities than the other main three platforms combined. As they looked at their favorite starlets in compromised positions, they ignored the fact that these photos came from iCloud.

Yes, Apple Insider drinks the Apple juice. As they’re a site devoted to Apple, I suppose this is to be expected. Although, I would assume that they would avoid stories like this instead of repeat them. I mean, they are concerned about credibility right? Right?? Oh.

Well let’s look at the readers. Readers are quick to point out mistakes, flaws, or errors. We have Anthony for that here. So I begin skimming the 100+ comments. (hey Team UTB, why don’t we have 100 comments? Because you’re all on the channel? Well get your tails over here!)

Lawyers and neocons unite in scaremongering American firms to make your electronic devices less secure. How lovely.

Or a preemptive argument for why the next iPhone hack occurred?

If Apple can be held liable for making iPhones, why shouldn’t the gun manufacturers be held liable for making the guns that domestic terrorists are using to shoot up our schools and malls?

iPhones don’t kill people, iPhones make them stupid.

Idiots and ambulance chasers.

We spell it iDiots around here.

Impenetrable physical locks and safes could be a problem for manufacturers too.

I’m surprised his predictive text on his iPhone didn’t make this comment much more fun.

At some point I’m hoping the stupid reaches critical mass and implodes.

iPhone is the world’s most popular phone. Critical mass achieved

I don’t think Apple would be opposed to turning off a user’s account if issued a legal demand by the US government. Problem solved!

Actually, turning things off is Apple’s method of fixing iOS bugs.

As proven by the recent hacks into United Airlines, our safety is actually better served by enhancing our security and encryption, not restricting it.


He needs a BlackBerry.

Clothing manufacturers, too. They help conceal weapons.

Exactly, nude is the way to go. Who’s with me? Where’d everyone go?

You guys. Apple is not liable. They excluded themselves in paragraph 1523 of iTunes Store terms and conditions. If the terrorists click “I Accept” that means they read it. Boom. Done. Not liable.

Love this comment. Perfect as is.

Does not google tout end to end encryption as well? apple is not the only one doing this.

There’s really only one company that has proven to provide this. And it ain’t Apple or Google.

Google is different in that it more often still holds the encryption keys to user data sitting on its servers. This allows Google to rifle through user data whenever it desires and share the data with authorities (or partners), in situations where Apple has no knowledge of the user data and is powerless to share. Apple Pay vs. Android Pay are the latest areas of contrast, in which Apple has no knowledge of what the user buys but Google knows it all.

Funny how Apple will be tailoring ads to you based on what you can afford. You just keep believing they’re not tracking you, as they are.

How ridiculous. Perhaps governments should start using iOS to make their own shit a little bit more secure

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

I mean phones don’t terrorize, people do

Having to plug your phone in every three hours? True terror

My first question would be “what did authorities do to try to stop this without resorting to needing iPhone data”, cause they didn’t have it for years and they still managed to hunt criminals etc down

They have it. They’ve always had it.

This is an article about a blog about another blog baselessly speculating about what the US Government might choose to do in the future. It has no purpose other than to attract page hits by playing on the widespread paranoia that developed after Snowden’s disclosures.  

And this was a blog about another blog about another blog with the purpose of laughing at the idea that iPhone users really believe their phones are secure. 

Thanks for the share @jameshjacksonjr. That was fun.


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  • nnik

    Yes…i concur
    won’t be long now and people will latch onto the next shiny thing

  • ‘Apple has no knowledge of the user data and is powerless to share. Apple Pay vs. Android Pay are the latest areas of contrast, in which Apple has no knowledge of what the user buys’

    Bwahahahaha! My God, he honestly believes this!

  • BBfarmer

    When it comes to security, the main difference between iOS, and Android, that I see, is Android admits to sharing whatever you have. iOS says it’s all safe and secure, while acting the exact same as Android. They just lie and get away with it

  • Rog518za



    You hear about people who get run down while walking on the highway and wonder; ‘Just how stupid can people be?’. And then you learn that they were following directions supplied to them by ‘Apple Maps’ over their i-phones.

    People will believe what makes them feel best. And being told that their piece of crap i-phone is the best and that it is the most secure falls into that category. Sooner or later someone will come along with a shinier trinket and they will all rush off to follow that Pied Piper.

  • rondinia

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! You see when I read about stupidity, it makes me tear up…lol

  • Anthony

    Businesses should be able to produce the contents of “encrypted” messages when a court order demands it.

    Twitter, Facebook, etc all remove posts they don’t like. Inside BlackBerry alters posts to remove swear words.

    Apple is a business, they can do whatever they want with user messages because you “agree” to their terms. They’re using encryption as a marketing tool and like their fingerprint scanning home button, it’s actually a false sense of security. Encryption that can’t be cracked for a court order does support terrorist activities. locco_smiley_28

  • bartron

    That’s typical Apple Insider. It’s crap like that prompted me to stop reading them. I just couldn’t stomach it anymore. They’re like a communist state-owned newspaper.