Yes, iPhones are Indeed Still Exploding

There have been three incidents reported just this month.

I’ll admit I’ve been ignoring iPhone news. Like Apple’s products, the news coming from that side of the mobile world seems to be more of the same, followed by more of the same. It’s hard to maintain a level of interest, and hard to keep writing the same news time after time. Recently however, I have found myself speaking to iPhone users about their phones a little more often than before. Unfortunately, it seems that most are completely unaware of news of the world of Apple. Unfortunately, it seems that I need to stop ignoring the world of iPhones and iTunes.
Where do I start? Well of course, I feel the need to start with what I consider the biggest issue that seems to keep popping with iPhones. What keeps popping? The iPhones themselves. Yes, it’s true. Apple’s most popular products continue to explode.
Yesterday, a story broke of an iPhone 6 battery exploding in a repair shop. The iPhone was in the shop to have the battery replaced, something that has become increasingly popular among the iPhone crowd after it was discovered last year that Apple was throttling the performance of older model devices. The technician explained that he had utilized a hot plate in order to remove the battery, as he states he has done hundreds of times before, when the battery burst into flames.

Of course, the phone was in a repair shop, and a hot plate was used. While this may be regular practice in a repair shop, it may not really match everyday use. Most of us would assume that heating up a battery may just result in the possibility of a phone battery exploding. That is unless you read BGR.
Earlier this month, BGR made a very pointed argument that it was “really bad” advice to warn people that heat, or overcharging batteries can result in battery explosions. When did the Apple loving tech blog make this unusual point? Well, in a blog post they wrote about another iPhone exploding in a Las Vegas repair shop. This time the phone was not being worked on, but was waiting to be repaired when it burst into flames.

And what of BGR’s advice that charging, or overcharging, is nothing to be concerned about? We’ll we only have to look back to a little over a week and skip over to the UK to find a grandfather and granddaughter who decided to do a little shopping. They claim they were gone from their home for 20-30 minutes and the 18 year old granddaughter chose to leave her iPhone charging on her bed. When they returned, the charging iPhone had exploded, and completely destroyed her bedroom in fire.
Once more, yes, iPhones are still exploding. If you’re wondering about how to stay safe, perhaps it would be a good idea to not listen to the advice of an iPhone fan blog.


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