Yahoo Messenger is Shutting Down for Good

Did you know it was still operating?

Surprise news came this week that Yahoo Messenger would be shutting down on July 17. The surprise isn’t that the messenger application was shutting down, but that it was still operating in the first place. Yahoo’s Messenger came about before the mobile messenger craze, and the fact that it still exists could serve as a testament to the loyalty of it’s users, or as an example of a company that never realized the reality behind them.

Yahoo was gobbled up by Verizon and is now part of a new division called Oath which also envelops what is left of AOL. The AOL Instant Messenger, which at least had more brand recognition, was already shut down last year. The company has a new chat app in development and in beta called Yahoo Squirrel. This service is currently by invite only, however you can ask request an invitation from Yahoo. Personally, I’d suggest that if you are currently using Yahoo Messenger, invite your friends to join you on BBM.

Users can request their chat history from Yahoo before July 17th. After that date, all services will be shut down.

To request chat history, or an invitation to Yahoo Squirrel, head here.

Source: CNet


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