Xiaomi Acquired a Small Share of BlackBerry Maker TCL

The Chinese giant has partnered with TCL to speed up handset manufacturing.

TCL and Xiaomi entered into an agreement after the Chinese giant Xiaomi acquired a small part of TCL. This is actually less than 0.48% at a price of $24 million (167 million yuan).

TCL is known to manufacture both Alcatel and BlackBerry devices, which is why this publication on Hong Kong Standard really interests us.

According to the publication, this is a partnership that will allow the two manufacturers to help each other in the manufacture of the devices, but as far as is known, this does not affect BlackBerry Mobile – the arm that is responsible for BlackBerry devices at TCL. What’s more, it’s possible that we may see the version of the BlackBerry Android, or at least parts of it, in upcoming Xiaomi products.

TCL also have a television business which only two days ago announced new 8K screens that were presented at the CES event in Las Vegas. It is possible that Xiaomi will want to take advantage of TCL’s expertise in this area as well.


Roy Shpitalnik

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