He Wrote Steve Jobs’ Biography, But he Loves his BlackBerry

Walter Isaacson is a bestselling author. After all, he wrote the bestselling biography of Steve Jobs. But Walter Isaacson still loves his BlackBerry

Walter Isaacson was a speaker at the Waterloo Innovation Summit on Thursday. During the speech, he stated his love for his BlackBerry.

“I get up every morning and I cuddle my BlackBerry”

I’m sure most BlackBerry fans can relate. Isaacson loves his BlackBerry. But sadly, he is a man living in the past. Isaacson carries two phones. An iPhone and a BlackBerry. That BlackBerry is a BlackBerry Bold.

Like Kim Kardashian before him, Isaacson buys BlackBerry Bolds wherever he can, “stockpiling” them, just waiting for that day when his current phone dies, and he needs to move on to the next BlackBerry Bold in the lineup. Of course, with the BlackBerry Bold, he could have a stockpile of a couple devices and they will last him years. But I think he’s missing out.

“I like BlackBerry because I love the physical keyboard. It’s that simple.”

The BlackBerry keyboard is peerless. There’s no denying that. As a writer, I’m sure he needs a phone he can pound out content quickly and accurately, and there is nothing better than a BlackBerry for that. But BlackBerry has come a long way in the few years since the BlackBerry Bold.

The classic BlackBerry Bold Keyboard is even better on the BlackBerry Classic, which can still be found at a great price today. The BB10 operating system can run circles around the BBOS which the Bold uses. Keeping with the classic Bold style keyboard, Isaacson couldn’t do wrong with the BlackBerry Priv. The keyboard is the same size as the BlackBerry Classic, and dwarfs he Bold. Add in the capacitive keyboard of the Priv, and the availability of the Google Play Store, and I bet Isaacson would gladly drop his iPhone in to the drawer holding his Job’s manuscript, and would be quite content carrying one phone.

But if Isaacson wants his device primarily to write. Primarily to produce, and do it quicker and more accurately than anything out there, I’d suggest the BlackBerry Passport. The Passport is a beast for written word. Between the wholly innovative 3 row capacitive keyboard, and the wide working square screen, he may find himself passing up his computer and going straight to his Passport to write.

Come on Walter, give it a try. I wouldn’t steer you wrong.

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