Would You Trust Someone With No Integrity With Your Security?


Let’s pretend you were hiring for a security guard. And as you are interviewing candidates, you come across one that tells you he’s perfect. Better than any other candidate, or so he says. And as he’s giving you the details of his resume, he tells you something that you know for a fact is just not true. Perhaps he is lying to you? He’s bold. Not even a care in the world that you may know the truth, not the slightest concern that he will be caught in this lie. Or maybe, just maybe, he is so ignorant, that he actually believes what he is telling you?

Would you hire him? Would you place your company’s security in this person’s hands?

That’s what Good Technology is asking you to do. And thankfully, BlackBerry Fact Check is there to let you know the truth.


Good Technology recently said that they were the first to offer a “enterprise class secure” browsing experience utilizing PAC files.  Let’s look at some dates provided by BlackBerry Fact Check.

  • June 10/14: When Good apparently released their product offering, the first  enterprise class secure browsing utilizing PAC files
  • 2003: When BlackBerry began doing this same thing on BlackBerry devices.
  • January 2013: BlackBerry was offering this function on BBOS devices.
  • October 2013: BlackBerry offers this service to iOS on Secure Workspace
  • June 2014: BlackBerry offers this for Android on Secure Workspace.

So it appears Good Technology tried to pull an Apple on us. They were hardly first, yet they’re expecting consumers to read that and just expect it.

I’ve got to admit, I’m loving BlackBerry fact check. And if Good continues to do business this way, they’ll probably find themselves in Fact Check again.

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