World’s Number One Smartphone is Number One in Problems


I must admit, I have issues calling the iPhone a smartphone. Not that it couldn’t be smart, it has all the pieces necessary to make it so, but due to the limitations imposed by Apple, I really have issue calling it anything other than an app launcher. It has Bluetooth, that is limited to not much more than connecting to audio devices. It has NFC that is limited only to Apple Pay. It has a battery, which is limited to a few hours use. The fact of the matter is, Apple ensures that the iPhone only works with Apple products and Apple approved products, as a source of income, but in doing so, they took the smarts out of the phone.

Yet still people rush to buy it. In droves! They race to spend their money, and lots of it, on a phone which we all know simply isn’t capable. But they don’t seem to be concerned with capabilities. They don’t seem to want the freedom of knowing their device will work with all standardized tech, as opposed to products that say “Made for iPhone”. Apparently, they are only concerned with having the product that sells the most. Showing their individualism by having the same phone as everyone else. How unique. And how do we know this? Because any time we attempt to show them what they could have outside the walled garden of Apple, the response is always that iPhone is best, because it has the most sales.


But that’s ok. We can sit back and enjoy our devices. We can watch as they attempt to have conversations as their phones lose signal. We can snicker as they use their iPhones as email readers and wait to reply until they can get back to their computers. And we can bust out in laughter once the selfie stick makes an appearance.

But the iPhone 6s is here! iOS 9 is making it’s rounds. Finally iPhone users will be on equal footing right? After all, didn’t Tim Cook say this was the most advanced smartphone in the world, or maybe iPhone, or maybe not. I’m not sure. Any which way you look at it, surely Apple learned their lesson after the travesty which was iOS 8 right? Surely, the OS that carriers allow the manufacturer to push directly to users has been thoroughly tested? Finally Apple will have problem free release!

No. That didn’t happen.

In the short time that iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s have been available, an amazing amount of issues have surfaced. Let’s look at a few.

Update Crashes

Some users, had their phones crash during the update, to the point to where those Geniuses at the Apple store gave the option of restoring to factory settings, thereby losing any of the users data that hadn’t been backed up, or simply going without a phone until the issue was resolved. Still others that made it through the upgrade, found that many of their apps were crashing. In several media outlets, this was blamed on developers for not updating their apps.

Excessive Data Usage

Apple introduced a new feature called WiFi Assist. The concept behind this is that the user get’s the best data signal possible by switching between cellular and WiFi as the iPhone deems necessary. There is a big problem here though, in that users have discovered their iPhones are using much of their data allowance within days.

The funny thing about this issue, is that many of the top stories are how iOS 9 is saving people’s data with an ad blocker. It appears Apple’s media machine is in action.

Apps Don’t Work On Cellular
This almost seems like the opposite of the issue above, but it’s not. It’s a totally different issue altogether. Forbes reports that users who had turned app permission to use cellular data off before the upgrade, are unable to turn it back on. Apple stated this was fixed in iOS 9.0.2, yet many are still reporting the issue. An iPhonian unable to Instagram their latest cup of Starbuck’s? This truly is cruel and unusual punishment.

Zoomed Apps
iPhone 6s users that have restored their data from a previous iPhone are discovering many apps are zoomed in, with portions of the app running off the screen, making these apps unusable. The fix for this truly is comical. The fix for zoomed app? Turn on the zoom setting. This will make those zoomed apps appear normal, however, all other apps are now zoomed. The other fix, is for the user not to restore their information and simply start as a fresh phone with none of their info from their previous phone.

Hot Button

That fingerprint sensing home button is hot! Really hot! Burning hot! Some iPhone 6s users are finding that the home button is heating up, to the point that they can’t even touch it. The fix for this? There is none. Return the phone and hope the next doesn’t burn off your thumb print.

Random Reboots

Admittedly, I see this as a touch of Karma. I remember when the Z10 was a new device, BB10 was a new operating system, and many of us were suffering from random reboots. I believe I had two for the entire time this was an issue. I recall a few iPhone users that would attack and generally make BlackBerry users lives miserable by harping about what a horrible issue this was. I recall one not so pleasant member that would repeat time and time again that she suffered some type of emergency, and her Z10 rebooted, and she would never again use a BlackBerry because of this. Sometimes things we’ve said in the past come back to haunt us. Because obviously these users, especially her, must not be using iPhones. Why? Because iOS 9 users are suffering random reboots. This was an occurrence on iOS 8, and now once again on iOS 9. I wonder which platform they’re using now, since they can’t be using Apple or else they’d be terrible hypocrites.

With iOS now being the oldest mobile OS on the market, you would really think these issues wouldn’t be occurring.

Well, obviously, you’d be thinking wrong.


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  • Blackjack

    Using one of those would give me an iHeadache

  • Alan

    Wow! Scary stuff. I’ve never used an iPhone but run into iPhone users that frequently are waiting for their iPhone to charge, or are afraid to update anything on their phone (apps included) because they have encountered to many problems with their iPhone afterwards. These same people when given the choice of mobile solutions continue to run to Apple iPhone to resolve their problems. Go figure. Truly we live in a world filled with an unhealthy level of insanity.

  • It just works… NOT!

  • Robert

    I’m shocked that Apple would push a major update with all these bugs. I don’t believe you. I was told that this is normal and it’s the developers fault. locco_smiley_8

    Apple is running out of people to blame… =))

  • How can I be a “genius!?” Gosh! locco_smiley_7

    I vaguely remember that person on the orange splat with the emergency and the Z10! LoL. I had forgotten that one; classic. That was right when I started there.

    What an incredible litany of bovine scat their users must negotiate! I heard 9.0.3 might be out in November. No doubt it will ALL be fixed… If we just keep bleating, Timboy will come to the rescue! :O

  • KING_Kia

    Racketeering! Apple hasBooked $181.1billion offshore

  • Anthony

    These people really are sheeple. locco_smiley_25

  • Schmurf

    The key to a successful abusive relationship is isolation. It’s just as true for those who live within the walled “garden” Apple has created.