World’s Best Car?

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For years I’ve perused various BlackBerry fansites reading about current models, new models, rumored models, even other platforms.  The argument discussion typically ends when someone states “the best phone is the one that meets your needs, and your needs may be different than mine.”  The simplicity of this statement is true, every owner uses their phone differently- some are more email oriented (some days I receive ~160 work related emails), others may be phone calls, social media, photos, gaming, videos/movies, music or a mix of all the above.  In addition, the types of use can easily change throughout the course of a day or week.

So what does any of this have to do with the title ‘World’s Best Car’?  When in the market for a phone there are many choices across a broad price range – it can be overwhelming with BlackBerry OS10, Android, and iOS.  So to help get my point across I’ll make an analogy to something most of us are familiar with- automobiles.

Car #1

      • you’ll pay a premium for this one to help subsidize the flashy advertising and brick-and-mortar stores staffed by ‘Geniuses
      • the car will constantly need upgrades to keep it working properly and fix glitches
      • the upgrades cause a whole new set of issues
      • the car is super easy for anyone to steal as the locks don’t properly work and any old key will start it up
      • There is only one model but every year a new version is released causing your car to depreciate even though there is basically no discernible difference between versions
      • Windshield is VERY fragile and breaks easily
      • Oldest engine/drivetrain of all 3 models
      • Gas hog, you’ll be tethered to a fuel pump throughout the day
      • Most popular selling car in the U.S.

Car #2

      • Very inexpensive car, the market is actually flooded with these
      • Many version exist but they all do the same thing
      • Requires a suped-up, overpowered engine because the older it gets the more power it looses and eventually becomes quite sluggish
      • The GPS will send out your location, Hang Outs, favorite routes, and driving patterns to marketers who will package it and make money
      • Like Car #1 above forget about Security, they’ve just given up
      • While a newer engine/drivetrain is available only 13% of people choose the free upgrade
      • Most popular selling car in the world

Car #3

      • Middle-of-the-road pricing
      • Car is very Secure, never been stolen
      • Gets bad press but upon further scrutiny there is nothing to back it up
      • Used to be a market leader but is making a comeback under new leadership
      • Has the newest, most efficient engine/drivetrain of all 3 models
      • The electronic controls of this car (QNX) is the brains behind Car #1 and Car #2 (not to mention nuclear subs and nuclear power plants)
      • Very efficient fuel use, may only need fuel once a day


Car #3 looks to be the most versatile choice but if you want to look at phone specs it becomes even more obvious- it’s time to go Back to Black!


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