Work Wide, On Your Desktop?

The BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry phone which has garnered so much attention as of late. The phone which BlackBerry naysayers were saying would be a complete flop, and yet has sold out time and time again. And the funny thing is, the thing which these naysayers have used to bash the Passport, is the thing which most users I talk to, have come to love.


We hear it over an over. “It’s square!” Well, first of all, it’s not square. It’s a rectangle. It’s taller than it is wide. We can see that, but apparently the screen seems to be what most people are concerned about. And that is square. It’s very square. It’s a perfect square. And apparently a square is a very polarizing shape!

We had one stern tech journalist that thought the best way to illustrate the proper use of a square screen was to slap a piece of cheese on it. Oh how witty she must have thought she was. I was just left wondering if she usually carries slices of cheese with her. But users have discovered that square screen is very productive. Being wider than the typical smartphone screen, users have discovered that spreadsheets are finally workable on a mobile phone, that documents can actually be a pleasure to work with, and that they don’t have to be swiping to and fro on the screen in to surf the internet. Not to mention the fact that videos play just as well on the Passport screen, something the naysayers wont believe even if you show them.


But it appears that someone out there has decided it’s hip to be square. A Japanese company called Eizo is introducing a new monitor, a square monitor. Described as a “perfectly square option now for 3D CAD designers, programmers and anyone feeling nutty this holiday season.”

A square screen has proven to be great on a mobile device, at least a mobile device made by BlackBerry. How about on a computer monitor? Is this something you would like to be working off of when you’re sitting behind your desk? Are we seeing a new trend in the making? Will that stern reporter find a big enough piece of cheese in her purse to properly review the monitor? And if square is the new trend, how long before Apple catches up? I’m thinking iPhone 9, with newly innovative square screen is a real possibility!


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