Wizards Unite (a Day Early)

This anticipated Harry Potter game surprised fans by dropping a day early.

Today, fans got a thrill when they realized that the new game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite released early. Originally set to release on June 21, news spread quickly when gamers realized the download was available now.

Wizards Unite is a mobile game that utilized augmented reality. Users are asked to volunter for the Statute of Secrecy Task Force for the Ministry of Magic. A “Calamity” has happened, and the S.O.S. is asking for help collecting the lost items called “Foundables” and battling the creatures referred to “Confoundables.” It is an exploratory game that incorporates the spell-tracing function that gamers uses in Hogwarts Mystery that released in 2018.

Unlike Mystery, Wizards has some excellent cameos right from the start. Gamers meet Harry Potter, himself, almost immediately. The timeline is after the prologue of the last book. So, the main cast are all adults, working to keep the wizarding world safe. Gamers quickly learn about Hermione’s whereabouts also. A few of the first battles, I faced featured a trapped Hagrid and a scared, young Ron Weasley. I had to save and return them to where they belonged. There’s even familiar creatures in the moments of battle. The game has a lot of collecting and battles, and more populated or special locations have different finds on the map.

The gameplay is relatively smooth. Gamers can create their own profile image with Snapchat-esque filters, build a wand from the wood up, and pick their own Hogwarts House. No Sorting Hat required. (I’m Ravenclaw, btw). The game loads quickly, and like most mobile games does incorporate micro-transactions to encourage a boost in the revenue. Published by Niantic and developed by WB Games, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite may prove to be a new, viral distraction for mobile gamers everywhere.

Just don’t let the Muggles see!

Erica Davis

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