Wishbone: Popular Teen App Hacked

Wishbone users suffer huge data breach.

Do you like being surrounded by huge concrete walls or wide open green fields? Would you feel the same if the walls protected your personal info? What if that info belonged to your underage child? Wishbone puts these questions at the heart of the issue.

Wishbone is a popular teen social app that asks them a series of questions choosing between two random options: Are you geeky or nerdy? Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Walls or fields? The app ranks in the top 10 of favorite iPhone apps, and has over 1 million (possibly as many as five million) downloads through Google Play.

Now, reports surface that the app’s servers were compromised as over 2 million email addresses and a quarter of a million phone numbers were stolen from a vulnerable database. It is estimated that 2/3rds of Wishbone users are teens, under the age of 18. The information stolen has since surfaced on the darker portions of the internet.

Some users also had other identifying information stolen such as name, birthdate, and gender.

Wishbone has since sent out a notification informing users of the breach.

Erica Davis

Erica is a BlackBerry fanatic, supporter, and uses BlackBerry devices exclusively. She likes to connect the dots, fit the pieces together, and showcase the overshadowed... oh, and she likes cookies.