Win $200.000 from Google! By Hacking Android Nougat

Google has added something new to their bug bounty program. A chance to earn up to $200,000 by hacking Android Nougat.

Google already has a bug bounty program in place, offering hackers payment for found security vulnerabilities and exploits. With Android Nougat, Google is attempting to take a much larger step in to securing the Android OS. With this intention, Google has increased the stakes on their bounty program.

Google is searching for hackers that can do something which will hopefully be difficult. The hackers will need to remotely compromise a Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X running Android Nougat starting with nothing but the phone’s telephone number and e-mail address.

The first person to do so will receive a $200,000 reward, and the second person will receive $100,000. There is another $50,000 set aside to reward other hackers that find bugs and flaws during the six month period. This reward will be in addition to Google’s regular bounty program.

This particular reward program is called the Project Zero Security Contest. You can find more information about the contest here.

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Source: Tom’s Guide


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