Will The iPhone 6 Be Apple’s Tipping Point?


Or will it be the iPhone 10?

Apple have clearly learned nothing from RIM.

Back in the day when the original iPhone came along Jim and Mike’s answer was to dismiss it, bury their heads in the sand, scream ‘Tools, not toys!’ and make the same old same old until eventually only a combination of a complete software rewrite into BlackBerry 10, Prem Watsa and John Chen turned BlackBerry around.

Well, in a disturbing parallel it would seem that Apple are sticking to the same old, same old…

Soon the iPhone 6 will be launched. iPhonians MAY line up to get it in their droves (although that is no longer a given any more as we saw with the iPhone 5S launch the queues were still there but much diminished).

And, of course, with iOS8 they’ll find themselves very much at home as, apart from a couple of new features nicked from BlackBerry 10, it’ll be the same software running a bigger phone.

There’ll be other comfortingly similar features built into the new iPhone 6 too, such as an appalling battery life and a screen that breaks at the slightest impact, as per usual.

The telling thing about the iPhone 6 is that it really is the same old, same old, just bigger…

And, funnily enough, that was exactly what people said about the iPhone 5S!

Watch this video and every time someone says the word ‘FIVE’ shout out ‘SIX’…


Same old, same old.

Nothing has changed since last time!

Which wouldn’t be a problem if there wasn’t something better on the market.

But there is…

And it aint Android.

I’ll take the mass hysteria over the iPhone 6, if it happens, because I’ll wait.

There’s enough people out there who are seriously getting fed up with this now. They weren’t ready to jump after the 5S but this will be one bridge too far. All they need is something special, something that WORKS PROPERLY, something, frankly that isn’t an iPhone.

And they’ll find it when we let them know it exists.

It’s called a BlackBerry.

And when people know that there is something infinitely better out there, that it performs hand over fist WAY better than what they have been fed and that they have been missing out due to their brand loyalty to a company that patently DOESN’T CARE ABOUT THEM ANYMORE other than to us them as cash cows for the same old, same old every… single… 12 months… the exodus will begin.

And it will become a flood very quickly.

Come home NOW guys.

Don’t let Apple rip you every year fro the same old same old.

Come and experience the New BlackBerry.

Everything you used to like about the old one (that you don’t get on iOS) AND MORE!

Time to come #BackToBlack.

Time to buy a BlackBerry.


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