Will The Athena Be Called The KEY2?

A Reddit user who goes by the name of  NightFuriToni  suggested that the name of the next device would be the BlackBerry KEY2. The picture originated in China and actually shows the sales manager of BlackBerry Mobile in China. The KEY2 appears in the Weibo account. 

The device that received the code name “Athena” and its alleged images reached the internet about a week ago.  With the exception of a dual camera that appeared in the same initial images, not much is known about the device that is expected to be announced this June.


The rumors surrounding the KEY2 (or Athena) suggest the previously mentioned dual camera and 6GB of RAM. With only a month and a half before the expected announcement, there is still much that is a mystery. Has BlackBerry Mobile discovered how to plug the leaks? They might have.

While most have been previously calling the rumored device the KEY2 (or KEYtwo) already, what do you think of possibility that it may just be the real name?

Roy Shpitalnik

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