Will You Buy the BlackBerry KEYone?

By now we’ve all seen the phone. We’ve watched the announcement and seen the photos. Hopefully you’ve watched the UTB Blogs After-Show with guests from BerryIL and BerryReporter.

If you’re like us, you’ve spent the entire day talking about the new phone. So now the question is, will you be buying it? Vote in the poll below, and drop us a comment with your thoughts!




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  • Robert

    I’m a real BlackBerry fan, so why should I buy this phone ?

    • Wayno

      Because it’s a BlackBerry?

      • Because it’s a real BlackBerry. :)

        • Wayno

          Because it’s a real SEXY BlackBerry ;)

  • Wayno

    I’m definitely getting it as soon as Ia can get my hands on one

  • AnDrewiD

    That is a strong and emphatic NO. My Passport still works and I don’t feel the need for a new phone. And… you know the rest. :)

    • aiharkness


    • Needing and wanting are two very different things. Lol

      • AnDrewiD

        Well I neither need or want this phone. What I need I have and what I want I will probably never get. ;)
        Nevertheless, it’s a very nice device but it’s for someone else.

        • Martin

          I don’t need this BlackBerry, yet I definitely want it, so I’m a yes I’ll be picking one up. With that said my Passport running BB10 is all I need and will continue to be my primary device.

  • Roy shpitalnik

    As i said many times before. I want this phone!!! That’s my next BlackBerry

  • Looks great! Won’t supplant my Priv though. I don’t know what my next Berry will be!

    • Really? Figured this would be the next logical step for a Classic lover. Lol

      • I know, but this Priv is really performing well. I’m not saying I won’t get the KEYone, but it wouldn’t replace my Priv as DD. It might make a good backup device too. (Or a second Priv)

  • bnew70

    Looking forward to getting the KEYone, looks amazing. Slightly miffed by the couple of negative comments about it not being a BlackBerry?? If it looks like a BlackBerry, works like a BlackBerry, has the security and privacy of a BlackBerry, then surely it must be……a BlackBerry??

  • anthogag

    I look forward to demoing this phone.

    If BlackBerry and TCL want to make an epic explosion onto the scene (not like a Samsung) the KEYone (pie) should launch with an integrated file manager.

    • Wayno

      I am dying to get the native File Manager app just like we have in BB10 with remote file access. This is one of the main apps missing for me. I know there are alternatives, but I don’t want alternatives. I want a BlackBerry file manager.

  • Erica

    Yes… yes, and yes.

  • leverspro

    Nope. Very interesting phone and I hope BlackBerry does well with it, but no compelling reason to change my Passport. I’m really enjoying the wide format of the passport and the three row qwerty.

  • Alan

    I’m saying no to this phone. Not because I don’t think it will be a great phone, but how can it compete against the Passport?! I’d love to see TCL do phenomenally well with this phone. I really do. Would be great for BlackBerry as well. This phone needs to be available everywhere though. This is very important. The majority of people just won’t consider a phone they can’t put their hands on, or get some kind of discount from their carriers. I’m excited for Erica. She has waited a long time. The wait is almost over Erica… :) Love prevails. Actually I would love to see a Passport with a screen the size of the one on the Priv.. I must be crazy. lol

    • Erica

      /hug Thanks, Alan. I’m glad you’re still satisfied with your Passport. It’s a beast of a phone, and I love mine too.. But there’s something intoxicating about the siren’s song of a shiny new PKB BlackBerry! I can’t resist!

      • Alan

        No doubt about it Erica. You are making a great choice at the perfect time. From what I hear the KEYone is going to be a “precious” new adventure for you (and for many). Love prevails. :)

  • zensen

    Availability is key for me to get this day one. Day one for me might be a month or two after April’s release from the reports I heard for my region…

    Hope that’s wrong