Why the BlackBerry Passport is Right for Enterprise Employees


Earlier today eWeek posted an article by Don Reisinger titled “Is the BlackBerry Passport Right for Enterprise Employees?”   It is a fantastic read and includes a slideshow which highlights the strengths of the BlackBerry Passport and important criteria that works in favor of it being adopted for use in enterprises.

Source: eWeek

Below are the 10 main points that were listed:

  • Passport Design Stands Out
  • Remarkable Battery Life
  • The Square Display
  • More Than Adequate Data Storage Capacity
  • Surprisingly Powerful Handset
  • App Support Is Strong, Thanks to Android
  • Remember All the BlackBerry Add-Ons
  • BlackBerry Blend Is a Valuable Addition
  • Are You BlackBerry-Reliant?
  • A Reasonable Price for the Value


The above list, although extensive is missing some key advantages that I would have included.

For instance the HUB, which is the all-important unified inbox.  It is perfect for viewing, organizing emails and notifications and easily accessible from anywhere on the device.

In addition, BBM messenger or its enterprise eBBM version that have additional enhancements to satisfy enterprise needs and provides fast and secure and reliable communications, especially for people on the go.

Another point that I would have included is security that it built into every layer of the BlackBerry 10 operating system.  In combination with BlackBerry’s BES 12 MDM software, allows the entire fleet of devices to be managed, administered and easily, but properly configured according to the organization’s security policies.

For BlackBerry Passport owners, their device fulfills an important need for secure communications, with a keyboard for typing those important emails, a wide screen with 1440 x 1440 – 453 ppi for viewing and editing those important documents and a superior battery life that will last them throughout the day.  It is no wonder that everyday it is bringing more and more people, especially from other platforms #BackToBlack


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