Why the Apple Watch is a ‘Newton-Like’ Failure


With each passing day it is looking more and more that the Apple Watch will not be a successful device.  When it was first launched I did venture into an Apple Store at a local mall to see what the fuss was about and after seeing the device, I was less than impressed. Since then, several tech journalists have come to the same conclusion.

On the inc.com website, there is a compelling article titled “Why the Apple Watch is a ‘Newton-Like’ Failure” by John Brandon that lists the reasons why the Apple Watch has proven to be an underwhelming device. In that article, he made the following quote that really highlights the perception that many share


The Apple Watch is going to be remembered as a failure that never really changed our work lives for the better.

It does come across as a bit harsh, but he does offer compelling reasons as to how he arrived at that conclusion based on his experience, as well as others.  He had problems with the display being too small, the fact that he had to charge it every day and the build of the Sport model being too delicate for him.


This is an observation that I also made.  For me in addition to the display being too small, I found it very hard to select the apps as the icons were just too small. Worst of all, the apps were slow as there was a noticeable lag. I just could not see myself using this gadget on an everyday basis as it would be far more easier for me to do it on my smartphone.

There are a slew of other articles that do not paint a positive picture of the Apple Watch.  Among them are


In addition, there are other areas where John Brandon found the Apple Watch lacking

  • You can initiate a call, but can’t engage in a discussion-you have to use your iPhone for that
  • You can ask for directions to your next meeting, but the map app is so slow
  • The Watch dims so often to save on battery life, it’s much easier to just use your phone
  • Most apps are too slow
  • The Watch vibrates constantly
  • The one-day battery life is abysmal
  • The interface is confusing
  • The screen is fuzzy

There is an entire laundry list of fixes and improvements that Apple will have to make in order to correct these deficiencies, but as of right now in its present form the Apple Watch is a dud.  On the Business Insider website, Jay Yarow highlighted the lack of interest in the Apple Watch among consumers in the following article


The thing that was really compelling about the article was the interest in the Apple Watch, as measured by Google Trends.  It showed it trending below the iPod as seen above.

Unfortunately for Apple, the Apple Watch is the first major new product launched since the iPad in 2010 and right now it is seeing a slow response and trending towards a ‘Newton-Like’ failure. What will this mean for Apple Watch?  Only time will tell.



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