Why is Former Head of NSA Pushing iPhone?

The ONLY Way To Get Into A BlackBerry

So, I’ve been reading again and discovered this article in the financial post. It just doesnt make sense, not if you read this or if you’re aware of the recent iPhone and iCloud hacks. It is well known that the President of the United States as well as the leaders of other powerful nations are actually quite partial to their BlackBerry. So I ask again, why would the former head of a well known spy agency make it public that he uses and prefers an iPhone? Do they want EVERYONE to possess a device they can easily HACK?



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  • ital1

    I agree Nik; get everyone switched over to less secure devices and make the NSA’s job that much easier.

  • Bastakiatavich

    First thing I thought was how embarrassing for this guy, then he must be endorsing iPhone to aid them with the big brother /1984 program.

  • Especially now that BBM has that added layer of encryption which may make it impossible or exceedingly difficult for even the NSA to hack.

  • newcollector

    If the NSA recommends the phone, then avoid it like the plague! Why make life easier for them?

    I know it is fiction and only a TV show, but isn’t it interesting that the new character replacing Ziva used to work for the NSA and she carries a Z10. locco_smiley_32