Why iPhone Enterprise Sales Are Good For BlackBerry


OK, here’s something that will make you cringe but in the long run, it’s true.

Over the last couple of years it’s become fashionable for companies to change their in house phone policy to Apple phones. Not Samsung, or HTC but, for some reason, to Apple.

And, for many of these companies, they were former BlackBerry strongholds who left for three reasons:

1) They thought OS7 was ‘BlackBerry’
2) They believed that ‘BlackBerry are dead’, a myth happily encouraged by carriers by the way (lots of unsold stock to sell!), and…
3) They still think the iPhone is the be all and end all and that it’s the best thing ever (despite it’s plummeting consumer market share).

Well. here’s a funny thing.

If you speak to former company BlackBerrians (regardless of their personal preference and PARTICULARLY field staff) they will tell you that their iPhone is absolutely rubbish IN COMPARISON TO THEIR BBOS DEVICE!


  • They’ll tell you that they can’t get a signal to make a call (remember, calls are WAY more important in business than in social circles these days)
  • They’ll tell you that, compared to their old BBOS device, the battery life is a joke
  • They’ll tell you that they miss messages and emails
  • They’ll tell you that having an iPhone makes their job harder and costs their company money in missed communications with customers.

Above all, and here’s the rub, you’ll hear such phrases as ‘at least with my BlackBerry I didn’t have to…’ followed by all the work arounds that they have to go through just to get the damn thing to do the basics.

And this is in comparison to BB07, remember.

What if they actually knew about BB10?


joker wait until

We’re coming, just 18 months or so late…

As Jack Nicholson once famously said..

‘Wait until they get a load of me…’

There is an English phrase for what Apple/IBM and Samsung/Knox (whoops!) are proposing for business and it is, I’m afraid, the only one I can think of right now:

You can’t polish a turd.

To translate, if it’s crap, it’s crap, no matter how much you try to make it shiny, it’s just rubbish.

What Apple, Samsung and Google (and the carriers who slavishly follow them) are trying to do here is get people to accept the fact that less is acceptable.

That a low battery life and the phone shutting down is the norm. That security breaches are ok. That not being able to make a call is acceptable. That messages turning up 2 MONTHS later is fine. That emails being lost is fantastic. That your phone being bricked thanks to software updates SENT BY THE MANUFACTURERS is the best thing ever…

Let me give you just ONE real life example (and I have loads more and I’m sure you do too)…

I am having some building work done on my house. My builder arrived to check the progress of the job with a nice new shiny iPhone5S. Why? Because his business partner organised it.

It was 9.30 am. I overheard him saying to another customer ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t get the messages, I’ve got this new phone and I’m not getting all my emails’, followed by, ‘I’m missing calls too so I’m sorry if you called before, I had no idea.’

He then turned to me and, of course I couldn’t resist – but before I even opened my mouth he said ‘you’ve got a BlackBerry, how much battery do you have left?’

97% I told him.

‘Bloody great. Look at this, already down to 70%’

His new BlackBerry Z30 is sat next to me as I type and he will swap over on Friday. The trendy junk will be sold to someone for whom any of the above criteria isn’t important asap.

He’s not interested in trendy. He wants to GET THE JOB DONE. And, since he has up to 9 projects in his head at any given time and is continuously coordinating the best use of his staff and subcontractors across those jobs he hasn’t got time to wait for some sub standard brick to catch up.

Now, let’s be fair, in a way we can only blame BlackBerry themselves for letting customers down in such an appalling way. In 2012/2013 they shouldn’t have allowed customers to be short changed in this way. It shouldn’t have come to this where those with such an appalling product, in comparison to even the old BBOS devices, makes employees lives difficult.

But, that was the old regime, this is the new.

And, whilst we regather we will lose sales to company’s that believe, particularly in the wake of the IBM deal, that Apple suddenly have a clue about business.

Unfortunately, that belief will be dispelled the minute you try and use one in a business environment.

So, why is this good for BlackBerry?

Because, as those who have moved away will testify, they’d like to be back when the contract runs out, thanks.

Like, erm, yesterday?

Oh, and those that move away now will be #BackToBlack when their contracts are up too.

So, Apple can make loads of LOVELY Enterprise sales,,,

All of which will, in the end, highlight how much you need BlackBerry.

Apple in the work space?

Don’t make me laugh.


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