Why iOS users are hypocrites…

In lieu of disclosure, and in case you haven’t figured it out from the title; this is a rant.

I have suffered the pointed derision of iOS users for many years. I always knew why I selected BlackBerry and knew there were strengths BB had over iOS, even in the BBOS days, but there were some apps and features iOS had over BBOS that certain iOS users in my life lorded over me. Some of them were useless like the “fart app” that was the source for some laughter and “hey, isn’t this neat what my phone can do,” kind of activity, and others fell into the “golly gee whiz” category like the night time sky apps that allow you to pick out objects and constellations in the sky. For the average user these apps had utility for a brief period until the novelty wore off.

iOS Fart App

Now, with BB10.2, I have everything they have and more. Yet some of the features I am so proud of are not as “sexy” as the novel, neat-o iOS apps, they’re productivity and security oriented features like BB Protect, or the HUB or File Manager, etc. So when you show these features, you don’t have the “golly gee whiz” reactions; these BB strengths are more of a ‘need to have’ rather than a ‘want to have.’


But now I arrive at the point of my post. IOS users don’t seem to care about all the BB10 strengths as they aren’t “sexy,” but what I just realized is that if iOS provided THEIR users with these same strengths, there would be commercials about it and the tech sites and blogs would be singing Apple praises and those same users would be bragging on how secure their platform is and how efficient and productive it is. I find this completely hypocritical! Can you imagine if the HUB or active frames was a feature of iOS!? We’d never hear the end of it!

Let me know- am I just disgruntled, or do I have a point?

james pisano

RIM/BB fan since 2009. Wouldn't consider entrusting my career, life or privacy to another platform. Foremost, I am a student of life. Some likes: longboarding, nature, Baltimore Orioles, technology, driving, music, reading and Taoism. Politically independent.