Why #IchooseBlackBerry10

I’ve chosen BlackBerry since I got my first 7100g. (I’ve had two) I fell in love with the ability to crank out emails, text messages and BBMs. Sure, it was easier to do the work on my laptop, however I couldn’t have my laptop with me at all times. But my faithful BlackBerry was with me 24/7.

Suddenly, I was free to do a lot of my work from my pocket. Find freight? No problem. Call a shipper for an address? Done. Manage my finances, keep track of maintenance, fuel economy and hundreds of consignees? No sweat.

I upgraded to an 8700, then an 8310, a 9700, a 9800, 9810, 9860, 9900, Dev Alpha A, Dev Alpha C, Z10 LE, and finally my Z30. I’ve had an iPhone 4S for a week, and a Galaxy 3 for exactly 24 hours. Both devices were returned, with extreme hatred.

Don’t get me wrong. If what your needs dictate is an iPhone or an Android, that’s what I’ll recommend for you. Just remember, I don’t care if you’re an app junkie or a spec junkie. If your needs dictate you need an iPhone, but you’re hung up on the latest dodecahedron core processor with 50 gigs of cache, I won’t listen to you. If a Note is your best fit, but you want “an app for this, and an app for that”, you will receive no more help from me. And if you shit on my advice to go with a BlackBerry, you will become a non person in my eyes.

I have chosen what fits for me. I need a device that works as hard as I do. So far today, I remote controlled my pc to do a restore on my youngest daughters DAC, downloaded a movie (legally) by torrent, watched it, screen shared with my oldest to show her how to use Docs to go for a school PowerPoint assignment, chatted with my grandma over Skype, bought a Pebble from Best Buy and 3 laptops from Dell, sent and checked emails, tweets, texts and BBMs, created and edited a video, and listened to a streaming podcast. Fuck you if you think BB10 doesn’t work. It works harder than any iPhone or Android on the market. And for that reason, #IchooseBlackBerry10 because #BlackBerryworks.


@BBSuperAbuser (Anthony Perdue) is a podcaster, media producer, app developer (technically), private BlackBerry technical support provider, experienced alpha and beta tester, theme designer, and BlackBerry “Super Abuser”. Anthony has been coaxing functionality and performance out of his BlackBerry device that others once thought was impossible, since his first BlackBerry, a 7100g. He is no longer searching for his personal Holy Grail of BlackBerry use, a BlackBerry device that he can’t kill the battery on in less than 4 hours, since unboxing his beloved Z30.