Why I Make Sure My Kids Have a BlackBerry 

We all know why we have a BlackBerry as our daily driver, security, ease of use, multi-tasking like no other platform… the list is endless, look at the post on my channel (C000117D3) about ‘Why my Passport is Better than your iPhone’ – I only managed to fit in seven or eight but the list grew and grew thanks to my subscribers!

But why do I insist on my kids, the Grimletts, have a BlackBerry?

Two words…


BlackBerry Protect!

We all know how good it is, make our phone ring if we can’t find it, lock your phone remotely (if for some unknown reason you don’t use picture password) send a message to it if we think someone else may have it or even locate it if needed…

And that’s the reason… I have two young sons, one of which is disabled, aged 12 and 14. If they go out somewhere on their own I can log into Protect and check on where they are, if they lose their phone, again I just log in and look for it, earlier this week the youngest thought his phone was lost at school, I jumped on my PC, logged in and located the phone to within three feet… of our address! All good there then!

But think of how you could use this when the kids are out! They say they are staying at a friends house but you have you suspicions… wait till 10:30 and check they are at the right address with a quick login, said they would be home by 8pm and it’s 9:30, that’s right, login and find out where they are. Saves the “where are you and why aren’t you home yet?” phone call to start off, you call them and say “why aren’t you at…” and if they give you the “I am” routine you can just say “my spies have told me your down the high street walking in totally the wrong direction!”

Obviously don’t tell the kids about BlackBerry Protect, we can keep this one to ourselves can’t we?

Another great reason to own a BlackBerry and to make sure the family do too – safety and security! No one else can give you that!



Reverend Grim

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