why can’t the media be positive?

pessimistToday, reading the news I stumbled upon the CBC news story about a bunch of mobsters getting busted in Montreal. In a story just previous to this Brad explained in detail BlackBerry’s involvement in this. To be honest, I believe BlackBerry had very little to do with it at all, except the bad guys used BlackBerry to communicate and the good guys obtained warrants to obtain that communication. Nothing wrong with that. You can’t expect privacy when you commit crimes.
My issue with this is the way it was reported, not by the Globe and Mail, but all those that followed and used their (the Globe) research and left out the parts about warrants AND the fact that a less secure way of using a Berry was used (didn’t matter, warrant remember?). So now every fool and his dog is salivating because they think BlackBerry’s security has been compromised. This really gets me! but you know? I don’t even think it registers, never mind bothers most people.


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  • I agree nnik. It seems so “en vogue” to have a derogatory opinion on BB. And to add to your rant, how about some basic fact checking? Aren’t they supposed to do that?

  • RobertHanlonCGY

    The Crappy Broadcast ‘Corporation’ are full of journalists hoping to get the headline that gets them out of the pits.

    Never the whole story, and never a retraction when wrong… o sorry, like Boy Genius a few weeks back, never wrong, just shoddy reporting.

    Hard to escape that cycle. Notice they didn’t report crapple hacks?

    And they are also first to shit on Alberta and oilsands, and pipelines, and trains.

    Enough venting.

    Robert :O

  • razrrob

    It gets maddening at times. Today ‘Computing News UK’ pulled yet another hatchet job on BlackBerry. Seems some company analyzed their MDM needs and chose BlackBerry. Instead of simply reporting that, they had to start the article on how they surveyed CIOs and they overwhelmingly responded that BlackBerry is not the way to go – it’s dying, the stock price is low, it’s not as secure, it’s too expensive. Oh, and I forgot to mention they only spoke with #2 CIOs but evidently that represents a valid sampling of the opinions of CIOs everywhere. Every week they create a new way to bash BlackBerry. Those folks have ZERO journalistic integrity.

  • Canuckvoip
  • nnik

    because? you leave me with BECAUSE?

  • Chopachain

    Where is Chen? He should come out guns blazing and set these idiots straight. Free advertising if BB can stay in the news or front page every day.