Why Android on BlackBerry is best for security and privacy

imageToday, there are a few companies that have “hardened” versions of Android offering improved security and privacy. But who would you trust? A relative unknown, a newcomer to the scene, or an old hand? BlackBerry delivers what others promise. With over 15 years being a highly trusted and reputable supplier to the mobile industry, privacy and security is in BlackBerry’s DNA. BlackBerry is the only company to provide a top of the line Android device along with end to end Enterprise Mobility Management Suite.

Priv is state of the art when it comes to Android security and privacy. Currently released with Android Lollipop, and soon to be updated to Marshmallow with many additional security features incorporating BlackBerry’s experience and proven commitment to security, the Priv is simply unmatched when it comes to a “secure and private” Android device. Read all about it on the BlackBerry blog here