Who Truly Cares About Their Customer?

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Over the past several months many have been outraged by comments about BlackBerry going back to their roots of enterprise and security.  Many feel that BlackBerry is abandoning the consumer. Well the fact of the matter is that this thinking is dead wrong and in fact BlackBerry has shown they care and focus on the consumer more than any other platform.

The single biggest complaint of every iPhone user I have ever met is their atrocious reception.  Yes after 7 years, Apple still can’t get it right. Or are they still just holding it wrong?  Back in March of 2012 BlackBerry acquired a company called Paratek Microwave Inc. for its Paratek Antenna technology which we all now are benefiting from as our iPhone friends are trying to find the closest hill to stand on.  Apple sure could have used that.

The second elephant in the room is security and unless you have been living under a rock, its now front and center. As many have heard Frapple gate has taken the world by storm with leaked nude celebrity photos and other information leaking out that this iCloud hack may have compromised even more user data. And in true Apple fashion, they blamed the consumer. Not to mention the continuous malware hack s on Android including malicious apps masquerading as anti virus applications.
That brings us to BlackBerry. Already known for the best in class security, BlackBerry took it one step further earlier this year when it purchased encryption firm Secusmart to even further boost its already top notch security with things like encrypted voice security.

Apple is the largest company in US history with seemingly unlimited amounts of money and Google is not far behind. Yet BlackBerry, the company that so money have left for dead, is acquiring firms to further enhance and secure the user experience.
So tell me, who REALLY cares about the consumer?