Who Says BlackBerry 10 Doesn’t Have Facebook?

Facebook has always been a bit of a problem on BlackBerry 10. Let’s make it clear what that problem has been from the start. The problem is that Facebook has chosen not to support BlackBerry. While Facebook has always made apps for Android and iOS, they’ve never made an app for BlackBerry. If you’ve used Facebook on BlackBerry, you’ve used an app made by BlackBerry. Unfortunately, that app hasn’t really been that full featured. As Facebook adds more features, the BlackBerry apps were left behind. Recently, Facebook chose to pull the API’s that BlackBerry was using to make the Facebook app.

Now, let’s continue with our clear thinking. The BlackBerry Facebook app was quite possibly the most maligned app in BlackBerry World. When people spoke of the app, it was never positive. I remember quite often hearing users tell other users to just delete the app and use the browser. The BlackBerry 10 browser was fully capable of providing the full Facebook experience that the app could not. I can’t imagine those developers that made the original app really felt too positive about the idea of creating a new one to replace the old one. In the end, they really didn’t. BlackBerry replaced the BlackBerry built Facebook app with a web shortcut, sending the user directly to the Facebook mobile site. They followed the directions of users to other users, delete the app and use the browser.

The hole left by the BlackBerry built Facebook app has been filled. Nemory Studios has built a full featured Facebook app in Face 10. LyStudio has released F5, which is an app built around a web view. While I have heard many swear by this app, I’ve also heard others complain about the speed of the app. Of course there is also the newly released FacePro by EnzoDeSimone

Yesterday, Nemory Studios released another Facebook app called Facebuck. This app, like F5 is a web view app, however, initial reports are that this app is fast. Very fast. The features of Facebuck are as follows;

✔ Ultra Fast & Data Savings Mode
✔ Built in Messenger/Chat
✔ Send/Comment with Stickers
✔ Send and Receive Photos
✔ Manage and Post to your Pages/Groups
✔ View Replies of a Comment
✔ Reply to a Comment
✔ Customize Color Schemes
✔ App Security Lock Password
✔ View What’s Trending
✔ Access Saved Items
✔ Post your Feeling
✔ Checkin to Places
✔ Ads Manager
✔ Pages Manager
✔ Groups Manager
✔ Sale Groups
✔ Events
✔ See who’s online to Chat
✔ Notes
✔ Pokes
✔ Games
✔ Find Friends
✔ Close Friends
✔ Multiple Language Support

That’s a lot of Facebook on BlackBerry 10 isn’t it? For you BlackBerry users on Facebook, what is your app of choice?



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